The Kitsap County Democrats fully support Connie FitzPatrick for Election as 26th LD House seat. And I do too.

Some in the 26th LD have received a mailer from the State Republican Party showing a “Local Democratic Party Chair” criticizing Connie FitzPatrick and an endorsement of Jesse Young in that House Race.

That “Local Party Chair” is not me. I, Jeff Wiley, Chair of the Kitsap County Democrats, stand united with all the democrats in the Kitsap County Democratic Party. We all support Connie FitzPatrick.

John Patrick Kelly (who lives in Pierce County) is the chair of the 26th LD Democrats (not for long). John Kelly’s actions are purely out of spite toward some members of his local party. He had threatened to do it even as he had secretly made arrangements for his own dishonor.

Please re-double your efforts to elect Connie FitzPatrick  for 26th LD House so that John Patrick Kelly’s duplicitous act will not be rewarded.

Jeff Wiley

Chair, Kitsap County Democrats

2018 Endorsements

U.S. SenatorMaria Cantwell
U.S. RepresentativeDerek Kilmer
State Representative Pos. 1, 23rd LDSherry V. Appleton
State Representative Pos. 2, 23rd LDDrew
State Senator, 26th LDEmily
State Representative Pos. 1, 26th LDConnie FitzPatrick
State Representative Pos. 2, 26th LDJoy Stanford
State Senator, 35th LDIrene Bowling
State Representative Pos. 2, 35th LDDavid Daggett
Supreme Court Justice Position 8Steve 707-9239
Supreme Court Justice Position 2Susan Owens
Supreme Court Justice Position 9Sheryl Gordon
PUD Commissioner District 3Heather
County AuditorPaul
County ClerkAlison
County Prosecuting AttorneyChad M.
County SheriffGary L.
County TreasurerMeredith Green(206)

Jim Sommerhauser Remembers Natalie Bryson

Ginger and I first met Natalie right after we retired in 2001 and moved back from the East Coast. We joined the23rd LD and the County Central Committee. Jim Sharpe and Natalie were major players in both organizations. They both persuaded me to apply for appointment as PCO.

Natalie came by her love and involvement in politics partially due to her mother who was a political reporter for a major Boston newspaper. A female political reporter was very unusual in those days.

Natalie was a go-getter in her young days working her way up to the first journeyperson in the Typesetters Union operating lead- based linotype machines. She used to joke that she had to learn to read backwards. Natalie also worked on John F Kennedy’s first political campaign.

While in the Boston area she married a young, enlisted sailor. Natalie followed that sailor all over the US and, to several foreign countries. She brought into this world six amazing children and managed to move her family everywhere including the south of France, when her husband (then an officer) was assigned to the command staff of the Mediterranean Fleet.

While there Natalie never learned how to speak French but, her six children did. By then she began to demonstrate her EXCEPTIONAL skills as a host who knew the ins-and-outs of protocol. This once led to her being placed in charge of protocol for a visit by the Queen of Greece.

While in France Natalie, who was then living in a hotel with the six kids, needed to find a house to rent. Through her typical gracious manner, she found out about a rundown villa and, she talked her way into renting it. There was only one minor provision in the rental agreement, Natalie had to agree that she would clean out and restore the villa. Although Natalie had to restore the Villa it was in a nice neighborhood. Just down the hill from her villa were the homes of several famous movie stars including David Niven.

Returning to the US, Natalie and her the family lived in Albuquerque and, had an assignment to Bangor, Maine.

For many of you who visited Natalie’s house you may have noticed her amazing collection of antiques. Natalie taught herself the antique business. When her husband divorced her, for a younger woman, Natalie built a very successful antique business from scratch.

While running her business, Natalie met the head of AAA, who was so impressed with her that he hired her as a tour host. Over the next nineteen years Natalie led tour groups on MANY, MANY Holland America cruises. She accumulated over five hundred thousand cruise miles. Natalie’s name as a tour host caused many people to sign up for a cruise just for the experience of touring with her.

When Natalie went aboard a Holland America ship she was incorporated as adjunct staff to the ship. She frequently was given charge of the ‘A’ list entertainers aboard.

Some of you have been to Natalie’s home for French dinners or high tea. You may not have realized that the house was the second version as the first burned down and she supervised the rebuilding of the home she lived in.

Natalie worked hard at teaching political candidates the good graces of being a GOOD candidate. Every political season she contributed to various Democratic candidates.

Natalie teamed up with Ginger and I and we conducted “Murder Boards” to teach candidates the do’s and don’ts of political forums and, editorial board meetings. Nearly all of the currently elected Democrats went through one or more of our Murder Boards.

Natalie, thank you for the life you led and, the style with which you lived it. You will be missed.